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Jasmine Flower Tea

The use of herbal remedies dates all the way back to the times of ancient civilizations. In our world today, many people continue to use them for one simple reason; they’re healthy and they work. Herbal teas often have multiple benefits to offer and they come without the risk of negative side effects that many experience when they take over the counter medications. In the case of jasmine flower tea, this herbal drink is no different, having a tasteful flavor as well as many potential advantages for herbal tea drinkers to partake in.

The use of jasmine flower tea began around the 1200s, originating in Persia. It is said that this tea grew popular when it was brought to China during the Tang dynasty through use of the Silk Road. Although the plant had only been used for decorative purposes in the beginning, once it was discovered as a therapeutic tea, it quickly grew in recognition and became a staple of trade in Asia. Today, jasmine flower tea continues to be one of the most popular teas available to us, widely enjoyed for both its blossoming taste as well as for the various benefits that it can offer.

Antibacterial Properties

Jasmine tea contains essential oils that contain many antibacterial properties to them. These oils not only stop the production of certain bacteria in the body but it can also help kill bacteria off. The oils also contain antiviral properties which can prevent the onset of certain sicknesses in the body such as the cold and flu. The antibacterial qualities of this tea also make it valuable to be used for oral hygiene as well and the pleasant scent can also aid in freshening the breath. Rinsing your mouth out with jasmine tea is an effective method for preventing tooth decay as well. Like many other teas, jasmine flower tea is also high in advantageous antioxidants which can help the body rid itself of harmful toxins and free radicals which are known for causing serious illnesses like cancer.

Therapeutic Benefits

There are many therapeutic benefits to be obtained from this tea as well. Jasmine tea not only has a calming scent, but also has the ability to reduce stress and ease depression. Drinking it can also alleviate anxiety and tension in the nerves and muscles of the body. The tranquil effects of this drink can lower blood pressure and relax both the mind and body making it an effective tea to drink for headache relief as well. In fact, jasmine tea is often used in aromatherapy because even just the scent of jasmine flower is believed to have many sedative and calming effects. These therapeutic benefits may be particularly useful for women who are going through menopause since these effects can help calm many of its symptoms.

Increases Energy & Metabolism

Drinking this floral tea also has the effect of increasing the metabolism of the body. This can leave the drinker feeling refreshed and energetic as well as help for those looking into natural methods of losing weight. It is also known for improving the circulation of the blood which can offer a boost of energy as well. This tea can also reduce the absorption of cholesterol and fat in the body which can also be beneficial towards weight loss as well as towards energy and the overall health of the body.


The preparation of this tea requires the steeping of one tea bag per cup of hot water. Allow the tea to sit for a period of 2 to 4 minutes, or until a desired strength of brew is reached. Be careful not to steep the tea for too long otherwise it may become too strong and bitter in taste. Afterwards, this tea can be sweetened either with honey or sugar and milk can be added as well if preferred. This tea can be savored and enjoyed two to three times daily for the best results.

It is not advised for pregnant women to drink this tea since it can have the chance of stimulating contractions. Always consult a physician prior to drinking this tea if you are currently on any prescribed medications or if you are unsure if you may hold an allergy to certain herbal teas.

Jasmine flower tea is one of the most enjoyable herbal teas that is available to us today. Its pleasant floral scent combined with the soothing therapeutic benefits it has to offer are what make it a highly enjoyable tea. Since its effects are gentle and soothing it can be given in small amounts to children as well. This herbal tea is widely available and can be found in many food and health stores locally. It can also be found readily available online as well. If you have plans to purchase your teas online it is good to ensure that you choose a merchant that you can trust. We highly recommend Buddha Teas as a reliable merchant that can get your teas to you promptly. Buddha Teas are 100% organic and packaged in bleach free tea bags so that you can enjoy your tea in its purest form without the addition of unwanted chemicals.

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Jasmine flower tea is one of the most enjoyable herbal teas available to us today and it’s healthy too! Read more to learn all about this wonderful tea.